At ISTI, we believe there is always a better and faster way!!

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  • International Skills Training Institute (ISTI) is a specialized in Energy Transition & Digital Construction skills training institution located in the National Capital Region of India.

  • Accredited by National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC)

  • We produce highly productive Technicians and Supervisors for the Solar PV Construction as well as O&M Operations.

  • We trained and produce BIM Professionals to meet the industry demands of Architect Engineering Construction & Operations (AECO) Industry

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ISTI believes in empowering the poor of the social strata and act as a catalyst in achieving poverty eradication. Our concept of empowerment of the poor is simple; lead them to the path of knowledge, train and create employment opportunities for them and show them the way to grow financially stable and come out prosperous of this whole tunnel. One life transformed is one family transformed and one family’s success story could be a leading example for many others thus causing a ripple effect throughout the society until the wave of success reaches the last person. Once this is achieved, they will be able to walk this path of growth independently which is the ultimate empowerment when they are able to transform not only their own lives but also bring about a positive impact in those around them. 


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