The Journey..

Our Story

Launched in 2020, ISTI traces its roots to way back in 2013 when the parent company Aston Greens Pvt. Ltd. forayed into rooftop solar installations and small EPC solar projects. Aston Greens faced many challenges during Solar EPC installations which led to conceptualization of ISTI. Some of the noteworthy problems faced were:

  • Scouting skilled manpower and the hassles of dealing with un-professional players
  • Not achieving desired productivity on ground thus leading to profit loss
  • Retention of Skilled Supervisors during lean business phase leading to high overhead costs
  • Cost of Quality due to re-works/punch points closure
  • Safety related NCRs

Collective impact of the above problems led to closure of EPC activities of Astongreens but at the same time, this phase brought with itself a powerful learning and fostered an idea that eventually got bolstered in 2020 amid Covid-19 situation when many people were losing jobs and the people at the bottom of the pyramid were the most affected. Many of them had nothing to feed their families.

With a dual objective of creating jobs and a sustainable income source for our brothers and also with an intention to help EPC Contractors who probably face most of the above listed problems, ISTI was born in 2020. So far we have trained >200 students and have successfully placed 95 of them in Middle East Solar PV market, with these numbers rising every month.